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MySQL 5.5 Delivers Performance & Scalability for ISVs, OEMs

Mike Frank and Rob Young from MySQL Product Management presented today a webinar “New for ISVs and OEMs: MySQL Enterprise Edition Adding Value to Your Products and Applications”.

Apart from Oracle’s Strategy on MySQL after its purchase Mike and Rob focused on the new features in MySQL 5.5 and its Enterprise Edition.

Mysql administrator shall love new features in Backup/Recovery, Development, and Monitoring Tools.

Allegedly Oracle invested in MySQL as it the #1 Open Source Database for Web, Embedded and Telco Applications. Now it is backed by World-Class Oracle Support.

Here are some new features:

  • InnoDB becomes default storage engine
  • Horizontal partitioning with the following types: RANGE, LIST, HASH, KEY
  • Improved Recovery Performance with 10x recovery performance gain for MySQL 5.5 over 5.1
  • And of course Online Backup – the #1 most requested feature for MySQL Users and Customers. It comes with Compression; Point in Time Recovery; Metadata on status, progress, history and many other nice and comfortable features.
  • Restoring the backup now is up to 16x Faster than mysqldump

Now MySQL becomes the best choice for Windows as Windows is the #1 download and development
Platform for MySQL.

Read more at http://www.mysql.com/products/