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Competence vs. Commitment – Leadership Styles Matrix

Competence vs Commitment - Leadership Styles

Competence vs. Commitment Matrix gives you a quick and easy view and clear understanding of four basic types of leaderships.

The 4 types of leadership has been defined by Hersey and Blanchard which they named S1 to S4:

  • S1: Telling – one-way communication. Leader defines the roles of the individual or group and provides the what, how, why,when, and where to do the task
  • S2: Selling – two-way communication. Leader is still providing the direction and providing the socioemotional support that will allow the individual or group being influenced to buy into the process.
  • S3: Participating – shared decision making about aspects of how the task is accomplished. Leader is providing less task behaviors while maintaining high relationship behavior.
  • S4: Delegating – the leader is still involved in decisions; however, the process and responsibility has been passed to the individual or group. The leader stays involved to monitor progress.

The Situational Leadership Theory:

  • developed by Paul Hersey, professor and author of the book “Situational Leader” and Ken Blanchard, leadership guru and author of “The One Minute Manager”
  • introduced in 1st edition of “Management of Organizational Behavior” as “Life Cycle Theory of Leadership”
  • renamed to “Situational Leadership theory” in mid 1970s.

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