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Email Marketing Metrics

Email Marketing MetricsSome key points from a very detailed and deep explanation of Email Marketing Metrics from Avinash Kaushik

Optimal Acquisition Email Metrics

  • Delivery rate = (# of emails sent – # of bounce backs) / # of emails sent
  • Open rate = # of emails opened / # of emails delivered
  • Click-to-open rate (CTDR) = # of clicks / # of emails delivered
  • Subscriber retention rate = # subscribers – bounce backs – unsubscribes / # subscribers

Optimal (Website) Behavior Email Metrics

  • Bounce Rate = # of email campaign visits with a single Page View / # of email campaign visits
  • Depth of Visit = percent of email campaign visits that last longer than xx pages
  • Actions Completed = percent of email campaign visits that watched a video


Optimal Outcomes Email Metrics

  • (Macro) Conversion Rate = # of One Big Thing* / # of email campaign visits
  • Average Revenue per Email Sent = total revenue / # of emails sent
  • Micro Conversion Rate = # of Many Small Things* / # of email campaign visits
  • Average Economic Value per Email Sent = total economic value / # of emails sent
  • Profitability = (revenue generated – campaign cost – cost of goods sold) / # of emails sent

* One Big Thing could be ecommerce sales orders, the number of leads received, downloads of your product, sign up for trials, people volunteering to protest, donations to your church, new accounts opened for your new social network…

** Many Small Things are other things your campaign traffic can accomplish on your website. Write product reviews, follow you on Twitter / Facebook / Flavor of the Month, download your Android app, sign up for an email newsletter

Source: kaushik.net