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SEO Rule No.2: Validate Your Site

WebCTO SEO Rule No.2 Validate Your SiteValidate your site – it takes mimum efforts and has huge impact your your site or web application.

Google pays special attention to valide html and css. So, check your html and css validity before going on any further spending on expensive ‘marketing campaigns’ and paying off advertising dollars.

Google says:”

While paying a lot of attention to validation, we’ve developed a system to use it as a quality metric to measure how we’re doing on our own pages.

Here’s what we do: we give each of our pages a score from 0-10 points, where 0 is worst (pages with 10 or more HTML and CSS validation errors) and 10 is best (0 validation errors).

WebCTO makes sure that Clients’ sites are HTML and CSS Valid. Check our Quick Website pages for extra features.

Check our WebCTO.eu at W3.org.