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MailChimp Launching version 6.3 – Security, Beamer, Translations

MailChimp Launching version 6.3MailChimp is moving its clients’ accounts to new version 6.3 as of 9/12/11. Find below bulletted new features.

We consider ‘Verified Domains‘ feature as the most important and cool and a must-have for proffesional e-mail marketing. Now agencies and campaign owners have to verify domain before using an email domain.

Custom language translations

Features: Every single step of the entire opt-in process is now fully customizable
Benefits: Your international email marketing becomes proffesional

Send campaigns from mobile devices with Email Beamer

Features: MailChimp provides your every MailChimp list with a private email address.
Benefits: You don’t have to sign in to MailChimp to complete the delivery process.

Verified Domains

Features: Now, iMailChimp will require that you verify access to the domain from which you are sending your campaign.
Beneftis: Less room for spam. This is important to agencies sending emails on behalf of multiple clients.

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