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Outsourcing vs In-House Custom Development Matrix

Custom Web Development - What and HowEach time we are asked a usual question ‘What shall we do with our Zoo of Software’ in the course of assessment we recommend to allocate existing applications into this matrix.

Indeed this Software Zoo can be beneficial to your business if properly managed. From our experience, as soon as ‘the right managers’ address the ‘right applications’ things get changed immediately.

Custom Web Application are in different quadrant and should be considered separately from other applications by company CTO and Owners.

In a long-term business owners start thinking of possible room for business growth and competitive advantages not wasting their highly-paid time for In-house Off-shelf software which must be present and looked after by a HelpDesk and not by Software Development Team.

Typical Mistake No.1 is to make software development team provide support for in-house off-shelf products. This leads to demotivation and lack of results in achieving long-term goals to gain competitive advantages by building unique web-based applications to support business processes.

And of course, Mistake No.2 is to think you would sleep well if you buy highly expensive commercial CRM/ERP/ABCDEFGH application and all your IT needs are covered. No. This is different type of software focused on other busines procedures and values. And it has nothing to do with Custom Development building unique features to make your business more competitive.

And the most primitive Mistake No.3 is to forget about skills of your managers and experts who sometimes barely use 30% of available features of existing desktop applications like MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access etc. Sometimes, 2-3 days training on how to use Pivot Tables for one ‘data expert’ can save time and money of developers team to build specific report for this very ‘data expert’.

WebCTO offers Custom Web Development baring in mind existing legacy systems operating within your company. And we can advise on how to properly plan your ICT strategy.


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