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War of Email Marketing Giants: Aweber vs. MailChimp

Aweber vs. MailChimp“The money is in the list”. Who is the best manager for your list?

The war of email marketing giants is on: Aweber vs MailChimp.

Tom at WPMU.org compared the key features of Awerber and Mailchimp to find out who is the best. He considered key scoring points: Cost, Interface, Form Design, Drafting & Designing Emails, Autoresponder Management, Spam Management, Tracking and Support. The conclusion of Tom is:

If you are just starting out with your list then you may wish to test the waters with MailChimp. But when it comes to the heavy hitters with huge lists, they are almost always using AWeber.

WebCTO recommends MailChimp from a very practical point of view: should you need integrate WordPress (WP) and/or your online shop made with Magento, GravityForms come at hand to link your WP with MailChimp. Hence you shall keep your email list centrally on MailChimp while managing your WordPress and/or Magento.

Only recently GravityForms have become available for Awerber; as of November 1, 2011  AWeber Add-Ons to v1.0 public release status.

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