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Feedback Matrix

Structured Feedback MatrixFeedback matrix helps you to structure and group your client’s feedback to make best use of the gathered data.

Using two dimensions Client’s Expectations of your product/services and Client’s Satisfaction with your product/services you can further build up your capacity.

Indeed you can’t make much use of the ‘Compliments‘, especially if and when the compliements are false. By all means we should gracefully accept them. But compliments shall not contribute to any further proactive changes.

We do recommend to focus on the ‘Advice‘  and ‘Suggestions‘ as the best source for valuable information information as how to improve your products&services.

By all means it is important to properly address and respond to Criticism. You can get gain more value from Criticism if you manage to convert it into Advice and/or Suggestions with extra means of survey and questions.

You can find more at The Four Categories of Client Feedback.


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