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MailChimp in figures

MailChimp in figuresIf you are still choosing the right partner for your Email Marketing – here are some useful figures describing MailChimp.  Figures speak for itself.

MailChimp is

  • 1.2 million users in 158 countries
  • 472,000 images uploaded per day
  • run MailChimp on 117 servers
  • sending 80-100 million emails per day totaling in 3.29TB of bandwidth per day
  • 5,000 new users sign up per day
  • delivering 2 billion emails per month
  • 5.8 million email addresses subscribe to MailChimp customers’ lists each day
  • 7,478 new lists are created each day
  • closing about 400 abusing accounts per day
  • handling about 1,700 requests (aka “tickets”) per day
  • 114 employees

Source: MailChimp.