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Right vs. Effective – Learn who is who in a company

Right vs Effective

A clear and concise matrix – who is right in an organizations

You can always find excellent ‘team players’ who ‘win’ the budget for their project and in couple months another member of the very team would say:”I told you so“.

Who are they? Firstly introduced by Eric Nehrlich, Unrepentant Generalist who found a quick solution to explain this using Right vs. Effective Matrix.

Wrong and Ineffective

Fools” are wrong about what should be done. Fortunately, they are also ineffective to accomplish that.

Wrong and Effective

Players” are effective accomplishing tasks even if they are not what is needed.  They are good at ‘politics’ and usually are successful at getting resources for their projects. Even for useless projects. This what demotivated Right and Ineffective “Martyrs”

Right and Effective

Leaders” know what should be done and make things happen; also by mobilizing team. And yes, they act.

Right and Ineffective

You can find “Martyrs” – sometimes highly talented, skilful and experienced experts by their words after project collapse saying “I told you so”. It is important to activate them before the project starts or before selecting the project despite of the pressure of “Players”.

Right vs Effective

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