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DNS Made Easy plugin for WHM/CPanel to manage your DNS

DNS Made Easy plugin for WHM/CPanel

DNS Made Easy launched WHM/CPanel plugin to administer its DNS services via WHM. This is yet another revolutionary feature offered by DNS Made Easy after its mobile app for iPhone / iPad and Android.

This plugin functions like an app that is installed in CPanel and allows users to benefit from the DNS Made Easy IP Anycast+ network with the simplicity of configuring all of their options within CPanel via DNS Made Easy’s powerful REST API instead of accessing DNS Made Easy’s web control panel.

For secondary DNS, the user can create domains and delete domains.

“This plugin is a great way to carry out domain management through one interface while still using an external DNS provider like DNS Made Easy who provides 100% uptime on an IP Anycast+ globally distributed network.” – Steve Job, President of DNS Made Easy.

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