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Digital Skills Index

 Digital Skills Index

Quick assessment of your digital skills from EConsultancy. Dedicated some half an hour to get a benchmark on key 10 digital topics.

Highly recommended for B2B and B2C IT/Digital experts.


French Wine Regions

French Wine RegionsContinuing our ‘Friday-Wine-Posts’ today is the turn for sacred subject – French Wine Regions.

There are so many connoisseurs of the subject so we’d better not get into discussions for that.

Instead we suggest a nice infographic kindly shared by FFunction on French Wine Regions.


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Basic Wine Guide

Wine Guide Infographics
We are lucky. We love wine and among our valuable client we have French wine provider.
This means that we have to learn more about wine and wine tasting. And it turns out to be a science!
So we start series of “easy-to-read-friday-posts” related to this industry.  And of course, one of the best resource of wine infographics is WineFolly

The Top E-commerce Fears

Top E-Commerce Fears
While launching your online shop do consider if your business model addresses the main fears of your client when purchasing at your shop.
In most cases you can address the issues by  being proactive and transparent. Proactive communication, building trust in pre-sale communication and building clientèle by after-sale communication will help you to be successful on-line.
Yes, not much of technology-related issues.
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