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Consulting Matrices

Right vs. Effective – Learn who is who in a company

Right vs Effective

A clear and concise matrix – who is right in an organizations

You can always find excellent ‘team players’ who ‘win’ the budget for their project and in couple months another member of the very team would say:”I told you so“.

Who are they? Firstly introduced by Eric Nehrlich, Unrepentant Generalist who found a quick solution to explain this using Right vs. Effective Matrix.

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4 Creative Hats Rich Gold Has Worn

4 Creative Hats Rich Gold Has Worn

The matrix helps to understand what is the difference between an Artist and a Designer.

Rich Gold  ( an artist, composer, designer, inventor, lecturer and writer) described the ‘four creativity hats”  in his book The Plenitude Creativity, Innovation and Making Stuff: Creativity, Innovation, and Making Stuff (Simplicity: Design, Technology, Business, Life).

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How to Fire a Customer – Profitability vs. Referability Matrix

How to Fire a CustomerIn the era of regular waves of recessions and economic crises job cuts have its other dimension. How to fire your client to save your business and spring your growth?

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Feedback Matrix

Structured Feedback MatrixFeedback matrix helps you to structure and group your client’s feedback to make best use of the gathered data.

Using two dimensions Client’s Expectations of your product/services and Client’s Satisfaction with your product/services you can further build up your capacity.

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Importance vs. Uniqueness of Services

Importance vs. Uniqueness MatrixYour client may like to order his or her favourite ‘fish & chips’. And it is important to your client that it is indeed ‘fish & chips’.

A nice and clear matrix to identify your most needed services using Importance vs. Uniqueness Matrix.

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Outsourcing vs In-House Custom Development Matrix

Custom Web Development - What and HowEach time we are asked a usual question ‘What shall we do with our Zoo of Software’ in the course of assessment we recommend to allocate existing applications into this matrix.

Indeed this Software Zoo can be beneficial to your business if properly managed. From our experience, as soon as ‘the right managers’ address the ‘right applications’ things get changed immediately.

Custom Web Application are in different quadrant and should be considered separately from other applications by company CTO and Owners.

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Team and Negotiations Communication Matrix: Known vs Unkown

Team and Negotiations Communication Matrix: Known vs UnkownVery handy Communication Matrix that can be applied for team [building] and business negotiations

The Development Board of Swedish Authorities has chosen Open Windows as a process- and development support for Swedish Authorities in the project “Diversity as a resource” and received only the best references.

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