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New Google Sitelinks – new Meta Tags

New Google Sitelinks - new Meta TagsWith Google’s new sitelinks, the meta description tag becomes more important.

Last month, Google announced new and extended sitelinks. The maximum number of sitelinks increased from eight to 12.

If Google decides to display sitelinks for your website, your site will get a much more prominent display than before.

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Search Trends for July 2011

Search Trends for July 2011Tragic news compete with with Google + and Tour de France

Ryan Dunn in June death became more important than Google+ launch in June and Amy Winehouse death in July contributed to web sympathy. Both Ryan and Amy… Continue reading

Breakout in Google Searches

Top 10 phrases that stormed Internet over the last 30 days of course relate to Japan earthquake.

The 2nd top news that shock the world was the death of Hip-hop artist Nate Dogg. Nate Dogg – author of “I Got Love” soundtrack for ‘The Transporter”.

And Rebecca Black hits the 3rd top breakout with her case against  Ark Music Factory over ‘Friday’.

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Google Intelligence Just Got Smarter

If you have linked your Google Analytics account with an AdWords account, Intelligence will now automatically surface important changes in your AdWords campaigns performance right in Google Analytics.

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