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MailChimp sent 3 billion emails last month

MailChimp sent 3 billion emails last month.

Matthew from MailChimp unveils the secret of ‘Cold IPs’ and how MailChimp manages to push half a million emails over an IP all at once.

The problem is that cold IPs don’t have any reputation. Email receivers like Gmail and Hotmail would probably bounce all that traffic.

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MailChimp in figures

MailChimp in figuresIf you are still choosing the right partner for your Email Marketing – here are some useful figures describing MailChimp.  Figures speak for itself.

MailChimp is

  • 1.2 million users in 158 countries
  • 472,000 images uploaded per day
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MailChimp Launching version 6.3 – Security, Beamer, Translations

MailChimp Launching version 6.3MailChimp is moving its clients’ accounts to new version 6.3 as of 9/12/11. Find below bulletted new features.

We consider ‘Verified Domains‘ feature as the most important and cool and a must-have for proffesional e-mail marketing. Now agencies and campaign owners have to verify domain before using an email domain.

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MailChimp added 42 new templates to its libraries

MailChimp This added 42 new templates to its librariesMailChimp added 33 new templates in July – v6.1 release. This month, for v6.2, MailChimp offered additional 42 new templates.

A nice move was to  make available to everyone for free within the pre-designed library Designer Templates – emails designed by web design titans like Veerle Pieters, Mike Kus, and Matthew Smith.

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