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Strategic Planning

How to Fire a Customer – Profitability vs. Referability Matrix

How to Fire a CustomerIn the era of regular waves of recessions and economic crises job cuts have its other dimension. How to fire your client to save your business and spring your growth?

You can use this matrix as a part of your Marketing Plan in addition to assessment of advertising, coupons, PR and other means to achieve the right figures. Continue reading

Importance vs. Uniqueness of Services

Importance vs. Uniqueness MatrixYour client may like to order his or her favourite ‘fish & chips’. And it is important to your client that it is indeed ‘fish & chips’.

A nice and clear matrix to identify your most needed services using Importance vs. Uniqueness Matrix.

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Team and Negotiations Communication Matrix: Known vs Unkown

Team and Negotiations Communication Matrix: Known vs UnkownVery handy Communication Matrix that can be applied for team [building] and business negotiations

The Development Board of Swedish Authorities has chosen Open Windows as a process- and development support for Swedish Authorities in the project “Diversity as a resource” and received only the best references.

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Financing Startups Matrix: Capital vs Scalability

Financing Startups Matrix: Capital vs Scalability

Analyzing Startup financing – matrix for Business Scalability vs. Capital Required

A handy tool to define when and where you need a specific financing. It may quite well turn out that your startup business does not require Venture Capital and is a ‘Lifestyle business’ instead with high level of ‘ownership’.


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Communication Matrix: Place vs Time

Communication Matrix: Time vs PlaceAnalyzing why on-line applications beat offline communication

When considering corporate communication, both internal and external, many companies start with the same question: which channels are the most important and effective and which communication tools can reach wider audience?

The Communication… Continue reading

Outsourcing Decision Matrix

Outsourcing Matrix: Stretgic Importance vs Operational PerfomanceAnalyzing the Make-or-Buy Decision

When considering outsourcing, many companies start with the same question: Which functions should be outsourced, and which tasks should we do in-house?

The Outsourcing Decision Matrix helps you see clearly which tasks, processes, or functions… Continue reading