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DNS Made Easy plugin for WHM/CPanel to manage your DNS

DNS Made Easy plugin for WHM/CPanel

DNS Made Easy launched WHM/CPanel plugin to administer its DNS services via WHM. This is yet another revolutionary feature offered by DNS Made Easy after its mobile app for iPhone / iPad and Android.

This plugin functions like an app that is installed in CPanel and allows users to benefit from the DNS Made Easy IP Anycast+ network with the simplicity of configuring all of their options within CPanel via DNS Made Easy’s powerful REST API instead of accessing DNS Made Easy’s web control panel.

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Right vs. Effective – Learn who is who in a company

Right vs Effective

A clear and concise matrix – who is right in an organizations

You can always find excellent ‘team players’ who ‘win’ the budget for their project and in couple months another member of the very team would say:”I told you so“.

Who are they? Firstly introduced by Eric Nehrlich, Unrepentant Generalist who found a quick solution to explain this using Right vs. Effective Matrix.

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Importance vs. Uniqueness of Services

Importance vs. Uniqueness MatrixYour client may like to order his or her favourite ‘fish & chips’. And it is important to your client that it is indeed ‘fish & chips’.

A nice and clear matrix to identify your most needed services using Importance vs. Uniqueness Matrix.

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Act First, Do the Research Later

Act First, Do the Research LaterThink before acting. Sounds right, doesn’t it? Think before starting to design. Sometimes it makes sense to act first, think afterwards.

A project is behind schedule and over its budget the day it is started.” – reads Norma’s Law of Product Development

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Benefits of using MindMaps

Benefits of using MindMapsA recent survey showed that

  • Nearly 50% of respondents has had a “significant effect” on the way in which they work
  • an average productivity increase of 30% from using it.
  • Over 59% of respondents indicated they would not be able to create the same quality of work if they didn’t have this type of software.

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Team and Negotiations Communication Matrix: Known vs Unkown

Team and Negotiations Communication Matrix: Known vs UnkownVery handy Communication Matrix that can be applied for team [building] and business negotiations

The Development Board of Swedish Authorities has chosen Open Windows as a process- and development support for Swedish Authorities in the project “Diversity as a resource” and received only the best references.

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SEO Rule No.3: No one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google

SEO Rule No.3 No one can guarantee No1 ranking on Google

You can gain respect, but not buy it

Web-site traffic grows as your business grows. Organic traffic is far much more valuable vs. ‘purchased #1 ranking’.

We always suggest our Clients to consult Google’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which clearly defines tools and techniques addressing SEO for your web-site.

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