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Cashflow Quadrant of Robert Kiyosaki, one more time

Cashflow QuadrantConsidering level of involvement of Employee, Self-employed, Businessman and Investor

We have analyzed different views and ‘extensions’ to the quadrant and reviewed it.

Tha Cash Flow Quadrant becomes even more interesting when adding ‘Involvement to Business System’ and ‘Social Aspects’ to it.

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Financing Startups Matrix: Capital vs Scalability

Financing Startups Matrix: Capital vs Scalability

Analyzing Startup financing – matrix for Business Scalability vs. Capital Required

A handy tool to define when and where you need a specific financing. It may quite well turn out that your startup business does not require Venture Capital and is a ‘Lifestyle business’ instead with high level of ‘ownership’.


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Learning Matrix: Conscious vs Competence

Learning Matrix: Conscious vs CompetenceLearning Matrix provides a model for learning

In the very beginning of our learning curve we are (1) initially unaware of how little we know or can do (unconscious of our incompetence). As we (2) recognise our incompetence, (3) we consciously acquire a skill and can consciously use that skill. Eventually, (4) we can use the acquired skill without consciously being thought through (unconscious competence). Continue reading

Communication Matrix: Place vs Time

Communication Matrix: Time vs PlaceAnalyzing why on-line applications beat offline communication

When considering corporate communication, both internal and external, many companies start with the same question: which channels are the most important and effective and which communication tools can reach wider audience?

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Outsourcing Decision Matrix

Outsourcing Matrix: Stretgic Importance vs Operational PerfomanceAnalyzing the Make-or-Buy Decision

When considering outsourcing, many companies start with the same question: Which functions should be outsourced, and which tasks should we do in-house?

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New MindMap App for iPhone and Ipad

New MindMap App for iPhone and IpadMindjet launched new Apps for iPhone and iPad. Now you can enter ideas, tasks and meeting notes on the go.

Quickly organize concepts and prioritize action items whenever and wherever you need it.

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